The Lonely One

by WilkSHAKE

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he felt the fear then died, he was barely twenty five
he fought the good old fight, every single night
still unaware of some, crazy things he may have done
the epic life, of the lonely one

some nights he wouldn't sleep, when he did he'd have crazy dreams
hurricanes of sofa chairs, spectrum of crashing beams
long ago he told me twice, nobody is really nice
but when you find somebody close, hold onto them

soon enough we will see, the lonely one
we will see inside his dreams, then we will run

time passed with every sun, for the lonely one
he spirit melts away, his shoulders way a ton
same steps on the sidewalk, same people that never talk
is it him or everyone else, i guess we will see

run down the dirty path, and you will feel his wrath
he'll cut you down so quick, he'll be the one that slips
fade away while things turn bright, avoiding every fight
he runs and runs away, the lonely one


released March 20, 2011
Written, produced and Mastered by WiLkshAkE



all rights reserved



A Multi-Faceted Musician. WilkSHAKE as a Rock n Roller and Psychoman as a Rapper and Beat Maker.

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