wilkSHAKE! Spear - The Live EP (2013)

by WilkSHAKE

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This album was studio recorded and filmed simultaneously for your entertainment "wilkSHAKE! Spear - The Live EP"

1. Sword: youtu.be/RvahSIod1Ps
2. Dagger: youtu.be/lncUwjw5x_Y
3. Blade: youtu.be/GJvHoCqrQxA


released February 16, 2013




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A Multi-Faceted Musician. WilkSHAKE as a Rock n Roller and Psychoman as a Rapper and Beat Maker.

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Track Name: 1. "wilkSHAKE! Spear" Live EP - SWORD

the time of the carnivores, with turf to explore
drifting shore to shore, spreading some hardcore
consistent restriction, picketing all the systems
harnessing leaders, protecting citizens

common whiz kid, from up in the northeast
sat down at the table, salivating for a feast
this one goes out, my good bro's now deceased
to see what I've seen, in never ending degrees

we got that rhyme disease, with foreign appeal
descendants of the aliens, who invented the wheel
compressing tunes, that were written to steal
this is wilkshake spear, conspiracy revealed

I went to the edges, of area 51
studied their workings, camouflaged in the sun
opened fort knox, after inventing chicken pocks
my breath forms the key, that opens the pad locks

magnetically aligned, our truth lays enshrined
but that son of a bitch, is so hard to find
i've been rapping and rapping, almost till gone blind
some people might say that I'm one of a kind

but then the are others, with sinister plots
classrooms of psycho's, connecting the dots
warehouses of humans, sleeping on cots
forgetting exactly, the reasons the fought

too many one of a kinds, can lead to corruption
the bearing sea swallows, land filled with eruptions
1000's and 1000's, of repeated abductions
sitting and waiting, for planetary combustion

so sick of stalling, terribly appalling
sick kids balling, and liars not falling
spent 3 decades, deciding my own fate
this world preparing, for depressions to inflate

the wild widowing wizard, had information to share
could tell he meant it, from his thousand yard stare
he had nothing to lose, and no reason to scare
he said it was over, nobody getting spared

I interjected yo bro, that shit is real tense
cut to the chase, and save the suspense
if we got so little time, no reason to repent
got to unify the world, multicultural cement

some days we're so spent, laying around lethargic
picturing the arctic, using vocal cathartics
spewing out questions, with little to know answers
just doing my best, to endure the worlds cancer

keep carrying on, plateaus of consciousness
grounded and humble, enjoying confidence
verbal hydrolysis, knocks the sarcophagus
this is reconnaissance, bottomless dominance

split and sideways, lost between the days
dimensional travel, from tomorrow to today
revealing the scripts, and the maps for the shifts
rays of light, and life changing gifts

inside the silt, marched a man in kilt
corrected the earths tilt, tore down than rebuilt
like the circus man, who's standing on stilts
or the quiet little granny, working on her quilt

some people it seems, are meant to diminish
looking to finish, with little zero known gimmicks
when the time is right, I just may decrease
that time is not now, spit rhymes till I'm deceased

these times of lies, and fairytales world wide
jumping off a cliff, and expecting to glide
go and check your head, you better break bread
cause if you slack this time, you're better off dead
Track Name: 2. "wilkSHAKE! Spear" Live EP - DAGGER

this dominance, and its blowing up quick
lickity split, pressing tracks so slick
wilkshake spear, started as philosophy
after 20 long years, adding apostrophe's

one long tangent, including billions of bars
words upon words, infinity like stars
this is my science, engineering faculty
this is entertainment, socialized biology

blasting rockets, with no hands in my pocket
this vinyl is my docket, that rips teeth from their sockets
when I strut like Richie, its like a battalion
with every skin colour, multicultural medallion

we spew glowing coals, and fill our various roles
infecting the infected, with some hip hop soul
we all got one goal, although the goals may differ
person to person, manifesting ghostly shivers

inside you brain patterns, from a small moon around saturn
real object hazard, modern and able to shatter
all of your bones, and your dust will get scattered
then you'll catch them, drinking at the tavern

rebound reduction, with some atomic suction
DNA manipulation, down at the police station
only farther above, in a parallel realm
only time will tell, if it will be heaven or hell

i wont bid you farewell, cause i will live on for ages
living as a free man, locked up inside cages
fits of rage, existing at all of the stages
firing up the pistons, literature tattoos the pages

like a group of raptors, playing games with its prey
enjoying the kill, after deciding to join the grey's
outer planet receptors, travelling to the director
the creator and enslaver, worshipping taxpayers

industrial catastrophic, shifting the tropics
society gothic, becoming philosophic
savage hyena's, they do have enemies
but they have evolved into, nemesis identity's

perfect harmony, between the lion's melody
several specialties, with killer tendencies
evolved as such, to run its domain
like an entrepreneur, who has slowly become vain

there is respect to regain, every time you fall short
every time there is a record, that you have to abort
sometimes you learn some lessons, see them on the report
once in a while you gotta shimmer, psychosocially contort

like surging a fort, with militaristic force
letting the lord have the plan, letting nature take it course
gunslinging with roses, hyperventilating peace
spitting out reason, and constructing sick beats
Track Name: 3. "wilkSHAKE! Spear" Live EP - BLADE

the ventriloquist made, a paralyzing mistake
public movement, proved he was fake
the magician fumbled, at his mastered game
and there is only one person, who receives all the blame

accountability, for public actions
paying consequence, for life long infractions
solidifying bonds, with some brilliant factions
memorizing every single persons reactions

the rhyme wrecking yard, is terminally ill
some many john does, that choked on the pill
with a deafening blow, you get the dead chill
time for innovative, oscillations of the drill

some time to kill, living to be one hundred
skills filling your will, as you soulfully wondered
information abundant, with the right looking glass
showing up late for the saturday night mass

as walking a path, steps made the earth crack
trees fell to the ground, in firewood stacks
when witnessing these actions, i began to unpack
this is my method, this is how I attack

its time to bring back, some primeval culture
the times of the dragons, the times of sculptures
on my way to discover, perfect rhyme pattern structure
growing real words, innovative agriculture
the material got punctured, it was a unique composition
the intuition expedition, the theoretician mathematician
the crooked politician, with a heart condition
had a premonition, to effect predisposition

conspired so deep, on the atomic level
guess what my friends, it is the work of the devil
not trying to be gentle, tools made of metal
spirits embezzled, leaving behind all the rebels

feel the grade of the pebbles, falling from your finger tips
words more powerful, that mortars on battle ships
run in to war screaming, silencing the enemy
especially the weaponry, will make the fuckers blee