Remember Your Medication (2017)

by WilkSHAKE

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One FULL EP on One SINGLE Track.


released March 11, 2017

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A Multi-Faceted Musician. WilkSHAKE as a Rock n Roller and Psychoman as a Rapper and Beat Maker.

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Track Name: Remember Your Medication
barnacle bill and toucan sam had a brawl
they failed the trust test and let each other fall
they decided the test for them was too tall
collectively decided they fell off the ball

perculated perfection, with capitalists winning elections
intense self reflection, will result in aggression
unified depression from electrons in the air
seeking redemption, positive impression becoming rare

and ungodly stare, hypnotized the grizzly bear
kids playing four square, haunted its nightmares
the bear grew scared, didn’t prepare the software
some where theres a care free episode of warfare

step left and scurry down, bending spikes on golden crowns
the red clown turns brown, heads down to cape town
bound for something sound, feeling tremors in the ground
in the end just a noun, a person disavowed

circumstance grew tepid, as the beast became beheaded
by the blade of a cub scout, whose gaze was so magnetic
indigo chakra, confused as quite psychotic
turns out a gifted savant, whose actions are melodic

symbolic chronic, with rockets and hydraulics 
terrestrial and aquatic, mortal man and robotic
toxic shoe polish, problems caused from college
unstable and neurotic, psychoman can be erotic

chooses to be and alcoholic, addicted to narcotics
chaotically demolish, idiotic economics
do pyschoman a solid, and our out some killer product
use your simple logic, and change the fucking topic

sesame sizzling, swiftly and simply
selling so sadly, sifting through sensibly
this ones for the wannabes, who live pretentionsly
go fuck yourself, you’re no prodigy

carnage kimdo come down from throne
dog bone long thrown, trombone explodes
and the air becomes thin, like a room made of tin
and a strong glass off gin pressed agaist your scruffy chin

becoming winded, and easily offended
iron bended, actions commended
protect the undefended, if its comprehended
with luck youll learn and become transcended

like the phoenix it rises and always surprises
surpasses all strengths, abilities and sizes
energy crystalizes and sew shut your eyelids
doing exercizes, while the critic criticizes

zero comprimises, stay on point for survival
document departures, of all of your rivals
becoming so primal, with lyrics so viral
spiralling downward and becoming pure tribal

timeless and recurrent, the merchant of burden
working occurrence, so observant and coherent
apparent the circuit, turned into a real person
the machine servant, established and urgent

the squirrel was spirant, an obvious tyrant
worlds best client, a vibrant crying migrant
hiring the hydrant, cross wiring tridents
adjusting world climate, while tiring the virus

cataclysmic thunder clap, breaks both of your knee caps
misfortunate mishap, all four limbs are strapped
wrapped up in burlap, just filling in the gap
watch out for bear traps, and piles of monkey crap

distantly copacetic and ironically magnetic
poetically synthetic, kinetically diabetic
population turned pathetic, unable theoretic
constantly apologetic, for going out to get it

the xenophobe turned a page and advanced to the next stage
stuck in a brass cage, withered badlty with old sage
teenage stoneage, rage filled rib cage
eggs layed with hard rain, narrow gauge was misplayed

restart or begin, to advance to the next station
advanced dictation, over taking all the nations
a frustrated foundation, increases meditation
cranial aeration, progressing to elation

just sterilizing our brains, unlinking forced chains
all across the great plains, are compartments of stains
blood soaking the grains, and weighing down the airplanes
billions of domains, creating artificial slaves

when they ask you got played, you left but should stayed
all your colours turn grey, and you never bet payed
while all the others prayed, you stayed and and got swayed
to another platform, inside another parade

psychoman protector in a world ran by conjecture
reflective core bored more across the sea shore
asking for galour the whore got hardcore
committed gore as the lore blood poured

mother nature slut, a billion cocks inside her butt
fluttering hopelessly endlessly craving smut
world pornographic, selfish and geographic
world issues turn flacid, with caustic stomach acid

dietary assumptions from the oil mans gumption
decreasing mental function, inaccurate assumptions
the blind man began jumping, as the deaf man began bumping
strong cocaine to assimilate his debunking

the red flag ripples, and deflates in wind current
some patriots ripped it down and then began too burn it
in this rough place, you simply have to earn it
you have to deserve it and you simply gotta yearn for it

a sacred populous, ran by metropolis
era of infected puss, becoming a healthy must
shattering earths crust, lusting the robust
a blinding light bust, inside the one you trust

satirical prisms, filling up the nations prisons
ever mind speaking, increasing race division
deeply cut incision, with surgical precision
reduced time emission, and furthers our group mission

exploding mammal fat, inside the makeup vat
spread it on to look pretty, and don’t ever look back
bathing and dead flesh, the commercial said its best
don’t even try to test, the systems a fucking mess

convoluted truth is our metaphorical neuse
cub scouts trying knots, trying to make a truce
it over, never again, bend over and take it
tried rattling the cage but the system, we can’t break it

i wasnt born this way, but ended up psychotic
signals blocks, and circuits unsoldered
teeter tottering just barely above sanity,
watching sean hannity and the worldwide calamity

just a little fresh, to be considered styled out,
sticking my neck out, as my larynx shouts
pressurized lead, sand blasting straight south
hanging off a cliff, just out of reach of the rope

death dangling life flashes, black ashes and back lashes
trenchfoot and rashes from, tyrants of jurassic
cave man violence, with the lambs deadly silent
no cockatiel cooed and all life became private

so what you gonna do when civil war comes for you
fight for your family inside the giant world zoo
knuckle sharpen psychoman, begs for your pardon
from sooke to kincardine, black roses in the gardens

conspiracy hardware, has been peeling our pares
no one used to give a care but know they’re unprepared
for alien disclosure and 911 exposure
brexit meets trump and expectations are lowered

were back to kings and queens, in stubborn scared nations
were being alienated submissive slave nation
oscillating meditation, describing a situation
rooks and queens, and induced salivation

distracting eye candy, while they’re pulling something dandy between the cross hairs and were feeling pretty randy
done withstanding and listening while they’re demanding
drone walking siloulettes, limping while three standing

pathetic catharsis ,tragically we parsed it
off with their heads psychoman feels lethargic
so he uses a butter knife to slice through their necks
to pay back the crimes they are doing to the vets
decapitated skulls from the powers on the hill
spinning like drills, turning dirt to diamond pills
911 agent orange and the clinton foundation
ground breaking information, kept from the population

10 years ago today i broke up with cnn,
and now today the president is slamming them again
media sustained declaring levels of our pain
electrifying our brains, so were absent of distain

malleable like metal, but fragile like flower pedals
when we boil llike a kettle, our souls become brittle
we set fire like dry kindle, try to keep it simple
deepening our dimples, staying low and nimble

were in civil war now, military police
better buy some land and get off this damn lease
soon we’ll be deceased unless the Psychoman
can roll out a plan with the strength of lungs and hands

coming in fresh like a samurai ninja
coming to get ya ]torelive ewhat ails ya

i dont wanna go, just wanna sharpen my flow
rap lines with my bros and never have to tip toe
too slow, gotta go, have to fly up with the crows
the phoenix rose and continues to grow and grow

lunar modulation, adding to your foundation’
starts with meditation and ends with levitation
spiritual concept of one track with mad depth
appeals to the masses who made it to the end.

millenials choosing, single rap tracks
so i grouped some together to smash them with an axe
this is your rap tax, you worthless piece of crap
now write andreact before your skulls tapped

and drained of its liquid, a porridge like substance
reluctant for justice, just do it if you trust us
youre lacking consistance, hell bent on resistance
so quickly becoming distant, and absent of your systems

collecting shiny crystals, and watching trails of missles
your sucking on the nipples, of someone in the middle
when your music becomes fiscal just listen to the signals
offside by the official, as you signing your innititals

i got no need for pistols, ot chewing on the gristle
ever ready wishful, grabbing 2 big fistfuls
mututally beneficial and sometimes superficial
end up in dismissal, without a single nickle

this is a concept, that psychoman produces
some say hes useless, others say hes stupid
look at his contribution, adding to your noise polution
sometimes hes a nuisance, but at least he is producing

i leave you with this, from a twisted dark mind
youre one of a kind, if you can find the time
to behoest and real, accept who youve become
people will find you, and know your number 1